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NUS DTLP is designed for the busy C-suite executive. Instead of a lengthy program, we have crafted a short but intense 1-month program that will allow you to master the taP approach and start practicing it thereafter:

NUS DTLP will be an investment that will continue to serve you well, no matter which industry you venture into, as it is one of the first to impart a holistic approach that is repeatable, and thus will continue to be in demand, well into the future.

The Customer and Business Dimensions


Achieve a good trade-off between a strong customer value proposition and a profitable and scalable business model
Discover gaps in your knowledge about the desirability of the customer proposition and the viability of your business model

Validate and refine what you don’t know


Allows you to refine and iterate your use-case (usually not available in similar programmes)
Leverage company resources in this phase, if your company project work has been selected as your team’s capstone project

The People & Leadership Dimension & Putting all of tAP to work


Focuses on the people & leadership needed to successfully execute the transformation
Bring all the components of your transformation together, leveraging the taP method, and ensure everything fits together well

The Capabilities Dimension


Gather the capabilities required to execute and ensure that your transformation is feasible

The NUS DTLP is designed specifically for:

Leaders looking to drive long-term strategic growth and lead with agility in the wake of disruptive changes.

Senior Managers looking to build their own capabilities and develop a holistic and sustainable transformation for the long term.

Senior executives charged with leading teams for digital transformation.

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