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A breakthrough approach to business transformation

taP: The Breakthrough Methodology

Unlike most other programmes, the NUS DTLP addresses the high failure rates of digital transformations using a unique methodology, the allDigitalFuture Playbook (taP), which incorporates systems thinking to overcome complexity, and the Desirable, Viable and Feasible criteria to separate ideas from innovation.

It is one of the first holistic, structured and step-by-step business transformation guides designed to address and fix today’s high transformation failure rates.

Developed by Dr Dennis Khoo and Jung Kiu Choi, taP provides an umbrella method that unifies existing practices (e.g., Design Thinking, Agile, Business Model Canvas, etc.) into a simple yet comprehensive approach for C- suite Leaders who need to navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

Finally, most digital transformation programmes focus on the why and what of digital transformation, whereas taP, provides a step-by-step guide for leaders as to how they can significantly increase their probability of success.

taP consists of four dimensions that encompass 19 key elements and more than 50 considerations that are vital for digital transformation to succeed.

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