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Hear what top executives of leading organisations have to say about the value of the taP methodology and its impact on digital transformation.

Dr Dennis Khoo and Jung Kiu Choi have created a new holistic approach, the allDigitalFuture Playbook or taP, to solve some of the most difficult issues facing companies tackling complex transformation initiatives, e.g. sequencing the many tasks that need to be completed, understanding the complex interactions, making the necessary prioritisation and trade-offs, etc. taP provides such a means and I congratulate Dennis and Jung Kiu on their phenomenal work. taP fills a much-needed gap that will be widely welcomed by senior executives across many industries.

Eduard Fabian, CIO Asia-Pacific, Chubb

I have the privilege to know both Dennis and JungKiu for more than 3+decades between them. the allDigitalFuture Playbook (taP) is the culmination of their career-long insights in leading digital transformation. Many have attempted to integrate business, consumer, technology and leadership but only Dennis and JungKiu have succeeded in bringing them together in a comprehensive yet simple way. I highly recommend this to be the go-to resource if you are contemplating or are engaged in digital transformation!

Tsun-Yan Hsieh, Founder & Chairman, LinHart Group
Former Senior Partner and Global Leader of McKinsey’s Organisation and Leadership Practice

the allDigitalFuture Playbook (taP) is written for senior executives of large enterprises who wish to understand and learn how to drive successful digital transformation. I bought it because it is written by Jung Kiu and Dennis, 2 highly accomplished digital transformation leaders in BFSI. I want to find out how they are influencing decision makers in the industry.

The book is easy to read in that it has very few words and lots of graphics, but at the same time, one can’t read it quickly because it is extremely thought-provoking. For example, it took me a solid 5mins to figure out why the authors are arguing small impact couple with less difficult in adoption is undesirable. They are right, btw.

Shin Wee Chuang
Co-Founder/CEO at

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